Spirit of Design...

A unique and holistic approach to designing living and working environments.

Integrating classical Feng Shui principles of harmonious placement with a modern approach to architecture and interior design. We bring to your home and office, balance, beauty, health and success.

...for synergy between person and place.

Interior Designer Interviews

The specialists from Brasser Electrical explained the popularity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of using 3 phase power systems as well as the necessity to call the experts immediately when faced with electrical problems.

Conscious living: the holistic approach to design

Living with spirit means conscious living. At Spirit of Design we take an holistic approach to design. We improve your quality of life and peace of mind by enhancing the spaces you live and work in. More...

Does your home support your life's goals?

Home is where the heart is... Your home can nurture, and be an expression of, your creative spirit, your aspirations and your values. Why wouldn't you make it beautiful? More...

Success in business: we can help!

The spirit of success... In business, appearances are critical to your success or failure. But does your entire workplace encourage strong business performance and promote a positive experience for your customers? More...

News, tips and special offers

News, special offers, in-depth articles and seasonal tips for conscious living. More...
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